In Ghana, our weather conditions and close proximity to the Equator, allows us the opportunity to harness an abundance of solar light energy all year round. There are various systems which can be utilised to help us reduce the demand on our national grid. N&G Property Services specialist in the installation of Solar Energy Systems.  
Solar Backup system

In 2015, the Ghanaian government announced an initiative called the Rooftop Solar PV Programme. The primary objective of this programme is to provide 200MW peak load relief on the national grid through solar PV technology in the medium term.
The program supplies free solar PV panels (or offers a rebate to those already purchased) for home installations up to 500Watts.
Although the programme does not provide for the full cost of a solar backup system (i.e. batteries, components and labour costs) it does however present a significant reduction in the costs of installing such a system.
Solar Backup systems have various advantages over a conventional generator system:

• Cleaner energy (no fumes released)
• Silent operation
• Long term cost saving (not purchasing fuel)
• Infinite supply of solar energy
• Little or no maintenance once installed
• Roof mounted so no ground space required.
• Roof mounted so discreet

We will send our trained technicians to your site to assess your solar power requirements. We will then size, supply and install the correct solution for your home or project.

N&G Property Services has partnership agreements with reputable solar street lighting manufacturers in China. These partnerships agreements cover both the technical aspects (i.e. training of our local technicians) as well as supply of materials.
We are able to offer the best prices for the most reliable solar street lights on the market. 
Manufacturers’ guarantees are provided for all our street lights.  We manage all our solar installation projects in-house to ensure the quality of our service.
Call us today to speak to our solar energy specialists about your needs.
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