N&G Property services is your generator expert.
We provide the following services:

• Generator Sales
• Generator rental
• Generator servicing and repairs

Reliable and stable power supply remains a major goal of the Ghanaian government, however, this goal is yet to be achieved. Given the current un-reliable power situation, many Ghanaian homes and business rely on generators to provide power when the grid supply fails.
N&G Property services has positioned itself as a major service provider for generator installation and repair in Ghana. We have a team of dedicated engineers and technicians (in-house) to quickly respond to our client’s needs. 

Our business model places more emphasis on generator service provision (i.e. Installation, servicing and repairs) than it does on retail sales. Subsequently we do not operate showrooms for the generator sales aspect of our business. This retail side of our business is driving by requests placed by our customers.
Due to the lowered overhead costs of not running a show room, we are able to offer the best deals on generator purchases in Ghana.

We primarily sell the following diesel generator brands:
Perkins Diesel Generators
Noted for portability and efficiency. Perkins generators can generate power from 10 kW to 2475 kW.
Cummins Diesel Generators
Noted for High combustion efficiency, fuel efficiency, and durability. Cummins generators can generate power from 25 kW to 2750 kW.
Volvo Diesel Generators
Popular for their all-in-one-systems that include alternator, base frame, connecting flange, fuel tank, and control systems. Widely used in oil fields, transportation, and telecoms, Volvo can generate power from 68 kW to 500 kW.


Installation, servicing and repair of Generators remains a significant portion of our generator business.
N&G Property services has created key partnerships with Generator retailors to support the after sales aspect of their business.
In some cases these partnerships are created to support our clients existing in-house servicing team, whilst in the majority of cases N&G Property services represents all after sale services for the said retailer (i.e. installation, servicing and repairs).

Generators are required to be serviced every 250hours of operation or once every 6months (dependant on which arrives first). N&G property Services works closely with our clients to create clear maintenance schedules to ensure servicing periods are not exceeded. Our clients appreciate the service we offer and subsequently commit to annual servicing contracts with us.  

A typical generator service would include: cleaning of engine and casing, replacement of all filters, oil change and checking of all mechanical parts.
As part of our service offerings, we also provide our clients with “monthly stand-down checks”. These checks are designed to test the readiness of the generator engine (and battery) on a monthly basis to prevent ignition problems. 
Full service history of any unit maintained can be provided on demand.


Generator rental has become a popular aspect of our business.
We recognised that not all business (or individuals) require permanent installations so we decided it would be prudent to offer our clients a rental option.
We offer generator sizes from 30kVA - 500kVA, which are all for immediate rental. 
Our clients typically require our generator rental service for the following applications:

• Business Events
• Temporary office locations
• Short term replacements due to breakdowns 
• Personal events (Parties, weddings, outdooring etc)

Our generator experts support our clients to calculate the size of generator required, install the generator and keep the unit maintained during its operation. 
Whether it’s an emergency back-up installation or a pre-planned event, give us a call today so we can support you.

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