N&G Property Services offers its clients design services covering all aspects of building design and construction. Our Managing Director,
Mr Ben Nortey, leads our engineering design and construction team.

Mr Ben Nortey has a master’s degree in Building Services Engineering from London South Bank University and over 12years experience working in lead positions for engineering companies in both London (UK) and Ghana.

The aim of our engineering design division is to offer our clients a complete design service to take ideas from conceptual, right through to actual. We work professionally, diligently and closely monitor the project costs to stay within budget.

We have formed key partnerships with top Architects in Ghana to ensure that our designs are not only original but also practical.
Structural Engineering

We only work with fully certified structural engineers to ensure that our projects will stand the test of time. We prioritise the safety aspects of the building design over its aesthetics and occasionally make changes to our client’s concepts to ensure this. Our Architectural and structural teams work closely at the very early stages to keep modifications to a minimum.

Mechanical Services
The mechanical services element our designs focus on the sizing and selection of ventilation and Air Conditioning systems around your building. We complete calculations to assess the load within the building, then make selections of units that can match that load.

Electrical Services
Electrical services design focuses on the wiring of the building, lighting systems, Incoming main power and power distribution around the building. 

Public Health (plumbing)
For the public health element, we complete calculations to assess the requirements of the building (based on occupancy and building usage) then design into the building all plumbing services i.e. Drainage of all toilet facilities and sinks, distribution of water pipes to serve outlets throughout the building, selection of boilers (or water heaters) and lastly how to deal with rainwater. 


Every building should have fire safety measures in place to keep occupants safe.

For commercial buildings and large residential buildings, implementation of fire safety measures becomes imperative. This is because there is a greater risk for loss of life should fire break out in these types of buildings.

At N&G Property Services we have expert fire safety engineers to fully incorporate all required fire safety measures into your building.

At N&G Property Services, we believe security should not be an afterthought only once an incident has occurred. Security of building occupants and property must been seen as a duty of the building owner to provide.
We can design and implement security systems to match your requirements.
Some features include:

• Security cameras
• Access control
• Communication systems
• Physical security locations
• Monitoring system (locally or remote access)

We produce engineering CAD drawings at each stage of the design process.
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