A tidy working environment, helps to promote efficiency in the workplace. Staff are more comfortable to work in clean environments than ones which are untidy. Some employees may even choose to leave a company that does not take the cleanliness of their environment seriously.
Clients and customers also take note of the general cleanliness of businesses they interact with. In some instances an unclean working environment will lead to a negative perception of the company as a whole. This may inadvertently lead to loss of business.
Companies should take hygiene in the workplace seriously.

At N&G Property Services, we take hygiene in the workplace very seriously. It is for this reason that many companies make us their preferred choice for cleaning of their offices.

Typical daily office cleaning:

• Empty waste baskets, dust all furniture including desks, chairs and tables. 
• Dust all other flat surfaces (bookcases, picture frames, shelves, cabinets, etc.)
• Clean and sanitize drinking fountains or other break areas. 
• Clean all reception areas including glass or other partitions. 
• Clean floor areas in the office space (vacuum, mopping).
• Clean and sanitize all restrooms.  
• We will provide any items your business may need in the bathroom and kitchen dispensers, trash bags, etc.

N&G Property Services specialises in Post Construction Cleaning. We are one of the few companies in Ghana to offer this service on a professional basis, meaning we have the equipment and expertise to turn a building from a construction site into a space ready for occupation.
Our Post construction cleaning is broken into two phases - Clients may request for both phases to be implemented at once or separated based on scheduled occupation of building: 

Phase 1 - Cleaning Immediately After Construction

• Consist on removing all trash or other debris inside the building to the skip or to the site designated by the site foreman. 
• Ensure all door frames, sills, and tracks are clean.
• Vacuum tracks to windows and sliding glass doors when required. 
• All tubs, showers, marble tops, countertops, vinyl, etc., should have protective coverings. These coverings should stay in place until Phase 2 cleaning to protect the items. 
• Clean all utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garages, etc.

Phase 2 - Deep Cleaning Prior To Owner/Tenant Taking Possession
• Clean vinyl, hardwood, parquet, and oak flooring, corners on stair treads, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and countertops.
• Cardboard, plastic etc. should be removed to the skip or to an area designated by the site foreman. 
• Dust all walls, trim, etc., to remove all remaining dust and sanding residue.
• Windows and sliding glass doors will be cleaned inside and outside with a glass cleaner clearing them of dirt, dust, etc.
• Clean tubs and sinks with a nonabrasive cleaner, rinse, and dry to a shine.
• Clean and shine all plumbing fixtures and related trim to a sanitary condition.
• Vacuum, and polish the exterior of all cabinets, drawers, other stained woodwork and vanity tops to remove any streaks, construction dirt, fingerprints, etc. 
• Carpets shall be thoroughly vacuumed and small spots will be cleaner


If professionalism, good time keeping and excellent service is what you expect from your cleaning company, then N&G Property Services should be your company of choice.
We offer three main cleaning services to suit your needs:

1. Domestic Cleaning Services (Homes)
2. Commercial Cleaning Services (Offices)
3. Post construction cleaning services

Finding time to clean your home regularly whilst maintaining a busy and stressful weekly schedule can be difficult and even at times impossible. 
N&G Property Services offers home cleaning services to quietly release you from this responsibility.
We believe that there is nothing better than arriving home after a stressful day to see your home clean, sanitized and free of any cluster. This alone has a very calming effect.
We will arrange a suitable cleaning package that matches your desired cleaning level and budget. Once arranged, we will work professionally to ensure the quality of our service regularly exceeds your expectations.
Typical domestic cleaning includes:

1. General Tidy of house
2. Empty trash
3. Sweeping and mopping of all rooms
4. Bathroom deep cleaning
5. Kitchen deep cleaning
6. Laundry services (if required)

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